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Biologics Industries Company is a private company categorized under product research & development, wholesale, and distribution. Our records show it was duly registered and established in April 2012 by a group of international and professional marketing sales people.

Representing several major multinational companies, Biologics Industries Company has quickly established the standards for excellence in its field. The management of Biologics Industries Company includes 5 senior managers, each with an average of over 15 years of service and experience worldwide. The rapid growth of Biologics industries Company is a testimony to the commitment and dedication of its management and staff.

Our main market is in South East Asia, North America, and the United Arab Emirates. In addition to these locations we also have potent markets in Europe, South America, and Asia that provides better service due to their additional monitoring by our quality control staff in cooperation with our sales teams and ventured warehouses.

Our Mission

We, the Biologics Industries Company, strive to provide our clients with the comfort of a stable trading environment, speed and friendliness of trading platforms, and unparalleled customer service, all accompanied by affordable trading costs.

Additionally, we have adopted a unique approach to the market that has resulted in distribution agreements with several major multinational companies and their subsidiaries. BIG has followed a partnership approach to the market that is unique in ways where the distributor traditionally dictates terms to its suppliers and invests some of its own resources.

We have always maintained, and will continue to maintain in the future, a close contact with our suppliers, participation in strategic planning, business development, budgeting, problem solving, and any other related areas that potentially affect both parties.

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